Carter Ries – Co Founder
Olivia Ries – Co Founder
Lauren Ries – Conservation Program Advisor
Jim Ries – President


Asher Jay
Creative Conservationist
Louise Fletcher
Pangolin Conservation Expert

Dr. Michael Black
Biology Lecturer and Neuroscience Institute Research Scientist, Georgia State University

Millie Bhatia
One Less Straw Program Director

Cade Emory Terada
Alaska/Arctic Regions Representative
Julie Lawson
Trash Reduction Policies Advisor

Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas
World Renowned Orangutan Expert
Dr. Bruce Means
President and Executive Director Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy

Jennifer Palmer
Conservation Strategist

Amruta Kshemkalyani
UAE Community Outreach Coordinator

Jim Igler
Community ‘Green-Initiative’ Coordinator
Vittoria Gnetti
European Director of Environmental Programs

Kerryn Vaughan
Australian Community Engagement Advisor
Ryan Williams
Advisor, Technical & Internet Media Strategy

Irene-Eva Ries
Director of Avian Research

Andrea Arnold
Graphic Designer/Advisor

Mar Hernández Munuera
Community Engagement Advisor for Spain
Gina Kim

Mohammad Hassan Amini
Youth Outreach Mentor
Holly Elmore
Soil & Water Advocate


Han Duc Minh (Ming)
Children’s Outreach Director for Vietnam
Ava McQueen
Children’s Outreach Director for Australia

Nikko Paolo V. Calledo
Youth Outreach Director for the Philippines

Straw Wars Philippines
Outreach and Campaign Partner for the Philippines

Redfields School
Children’s Outreach Director(s) for India
Resource Center for Environment and Sustainable Development
Environmental Development Outreach Directors for Cameroon Central Africa

Robyn Cant-Haylett
Children’s Outreach Director for Cape Town South Africa
Luca Berardi
Children’s Outreach Director for Nairobi Kenya, Africa

Naseem Amini
Children’s Outreach Director for South GA

Neda Amini
Children’s Outreach Director for South GA

Eve and Isaac Kriel
Gauri Varma
Youth Outreach Director for Singapore

Angad Varma
Youth Outreach Director for Singapore
Addy Barrett
Director of Gorilla Conservation

Leiko Julien
Youth Outreach Director for Singapore