Here are a few links to recent articles etc. about OMG and it’s founders Carter and Olivia:

June 2016 – Radio Interview with “The Green Guy”

May 2016 – SAVING SEA TURTLES, ONE DAY AT A TIME by Pottery Barn Teens

Mar 2016 – TPWF MEET WITH OLIVIA AND CARTER RIES AT OMG IN ATLANTA “ONE MORE GENERATION” from our friends at The Perfect World Foundation

Feb 2016 – A Simple Step to Save Sea Turtles by Huffington Post

Feb 2016 – Kids Across the Country Join Oceana and OMG in Fight to Save Sea Turtles by OCEANA

Feb 2016 – Youth Making A Difference and Saving The World by Childhood Explorer Magazine (starting on page #6)

Jan 2016 – Nat Geo Education Blog “What Does OMG Mean To You?

Apr 2015 – Voices of Biodiversity article ‘One More Generation

Apr 2015 – Olivia and Carter Ries Save The World for One More Generation as reported by Fayette Woman magazine

Mar 2015 – Plastic Gyre Symposium – GYRE Session 3: Activism Mobilization from the Ground Up

Mar 2015 – Kids Saving Rhino? by Nikela

Dec 2014 – Captain Planet Gala Pictures and Videos

Dec 2014 – Atlanta Honors Captain Planet’s Superheroes – Jane Goodall and OMG Founders – reported by SaportaReport

Aug 2014 – Carter And Olivia Ries – OMG by our friends at A Beating Heart

Aug 2014 – OMG testifies at the EPA hearing in Washington DC as reported by Southeast Green

Aug 2014 – Animal Tales Magazine reports about OMG founders.  Helping Hands ‘Animal Tales Aug 2014

Jul 2014 – CoalitionWild features OMG founders and their efforts to save endangered species.

Jul 2014 – OMG Highlights Role of Plastic Education in Wake of Our Ocean Conference as reported in the Daily Catch by The TerraMar Project

Jul 2014 – Mission Blue – Sylvia Earle Alliance – Is education the key to saving our oceans?

Jun 2014 – Could education be the key to saving our… – Our Planet | Our Ocean

Jun 2014 – OMG Founders featured on the Kids 4 Love June7 FINAL hosted by Deborah Beauvais on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

May 2014 – OMG Radio Interview with Atlanta’s Very Own “The Green Guy” Eric Moncrief

Apr 2014 – Community Voices: OMG kids help the earth as reported by Jill Howard Church from the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Feb 2014 – Mrs Green’s World Interview with Olivia and Carter. Click on “Listen Now” and choose your audio streaming method and enjoy 😉

Jan 2014 – Carter And Olivia – OMG – One More Generation by Rosemary Wright (founder of A Beating Heart)

Jan 2014 – Greening Forward Interviews OMG Founders… by Gianna Chrestman

Jan 2014 – Auction Draws Animal Rights Protesters… by the Associated Press

Jan 2014 – “Give Me A Break” Black Rhino Hunting Permit Auctioned for $350,000 by ABC News

Jan 2014 – Young preservationists protest black rhino hunt auction by Channel 8

Jan 2014 – Black rhino hunting permit auctioned for $350G; proceeds will go to conservation efforts by Fox News

Jan 2014 – WFAA TV Dallas Texas news story – From the mouths of babes…

Jan 2014 – Dallas Safari Club’s rhino hunt draws protests as reported by CBS News

Jan 2014 – Black rhino hunting permit auctioned for $350,000 as reported by the AP

Jan 2014 – Georgia kids fight to save endangered animals – Live on 11Alive Morning Show.

Jan 2014 – Greening Forward features OMG Founders in first interview of the year.

Oct 2013 – Fayette siblings team up to rescue animals by the AJC (Atlanta Constitution)

Oct 2013 – National Geographic News Watch One More Generation’s Carter & Olivia Ries are Helping to Conserve South Africa’s Rhinos

Oct 2013 – WHY OMG MEANS GO REUSABLE NOW by Factory Direct Promos

Sep 2013 – Today’s Inspiration: Carter and Olivia Ries as featured on

Jul 2013 – Radio Interview on WRFG (In Tune With Nature) with Professor Carrie Freeman

Jul 2013 – Radio Interview on BITE (“Bringing Inspiration To Earth”) Radio “OMG – Saving Endangered Species w/ Carter & Olivia Ries

Jul 2013 – OMG Plastic and Recycling Awareness Curriculum showcased by Sustainable Business Toolkit

May 2013 – OMG Plastic and Recycling AwarenessCurriculumfeatured on Kemp Elementary School website which showcases their new CoreLearningStandards

Jun 2013 – US youngsters make rhino appeal to Zuma as reported by The New Age Newspaper in South Africa

May 2013 – OMG founders featured on NPR Radio “Young Georgia Siblings’ Non-Profit Aims to Save Endangered Species, Environment

Apr 2013 – Elvis the Paper Mache Rhino by Creative Paper Mache

Apr 2013 – Honorary Chirping Birds Olivia and Carter Ries by Chirping Bird Society

Mar 2013 – OMG Founders on the Steve Harvey Show by our friends at The TerraMar Project™ as featured in their Daily Catch

Mar 2013 – OMG and Northwood Elementary School World Record Attempt by Fox 5 News

Mar 2013 – Georgia Brother and Sister Honored with International Youth Philanthropy Award by The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

Mar 2013 – OMG Kids Are Making A Difference article from our friends at Earth Rangers

Mar 2013 – Super Kids With A Cause as featured in SuperNovaMagazine(see page 5 ‘ThePin-board’)

Feb 2013 – Save the Pandas … Or Maybe Not? OMG founders weigh-in on the subject. From our friends at Here There Everywhere

Feb 2013 – Super kids with a cause! Articlefrom our friends at “All things BK Publishing”, with a special seasoning of Supernova magazine.

Jan 2013 – Northwood Students Join Fight to Save Rhinos, Decrease Plastic Use by the Roswell PATCH

Jan 2013 – Amazing Kids! of the Month – January 2013 – Olivia and Carter Ries by our friends at Amazing Kids Magazine

Jan 2013 – ‘Kids In Action’ by our friends at theAustralianZoo – Featured in CRIKEY Magazine

Dec 2012 – ‘Kids Take on African Rhino Poachers, One Letter at a Time‘ by our friends at TakePart – Alessandra Rizzotti

Dec 2012 – One More Generation Saves One Rhino At A Time by Global Animal

Dec 2012 – Huffington Post – One More Generation Letter-Writing Campaign Seeks To Save Rhinos From Extinction by John Platt

Dec 2012 – Endangered Species Monday – Saving rhinos one letter at a time by Life With Dylan

Dec 2012 – OMG letter-writing campaign seeks to save rhinos from extinction by The Mother Nature Network

Nov 2012 – How you can help – Letter Writing and Awareness Campaign… by SPOTS (Strategic Protection Of Threatened Species)

Nov 2012 – Last Legs of the Last Straw Tour: Another Biker, OMG, and Farewell to Folly… by The 5 Gyres Institute

Oct 2012 – Send a Letter to President Zuma: Say No to the Trade in Rhino Horn… by The African Conservation Foundation

Oct 2012 – Toyota minivan presented to local charity – One More Generation… by Times Herald

Oct 2012 – OMG: Doing Our Part Both Locally and Beyond… byCaptainPlanet and thePlaneteerMovement

Sep 2012 – One More Generation: A Call to Change Our Plastic World… by

Aug 2012 – The discovery of “solution” takes a fresh perspective… by Glass Dharma

Aug 2012 – Kids campaign to save South Africa’s rhinos from poaching. Special report by Mongobay

Jul 2012 – First Here, Then Everywhere features OMG’s Rhino Letter Writing Campaign:OMG Asks: Stop Rhino Poaching

Jun 2012 – The Citizen Newspaper Features OMG and their most recent accomplishments: Help founders of OMG win a brand new car

Jun 2012 – The Center For Biological Diversity highlights OMG founders for their hard work: The Next Generation of Environmentalists

May 2012 – OMG Founders featured by our friends at The Blogunteer

Apr 2012 – Get Milkshake and Get Milkshake Kids feature OMG Founders Little Mermaid Would Be Proud

Apr 2012 – OMG Participates in Captain Planet’s 2012 Earth Day Kids Fest

Feb 2012 – OMG Conducts Their Plastic Awareness Week Curriculum program at the Sophia Academy in Atlanta GA

Feb 2012 – Ashmore Carey feature the environmental work of Olivia and Carter. OMG! Green Kids Doing “Good” & Having Fun!

Jan 2012 – IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) mentions OMG founders trip to South Africa: The One More Generation brother and sister team lands in South Africa

Jan 2012 – Trip of a Lifetime from our friends at “Here There Everywhere”

Dec 2011 – One More Generation, Keeping the World’s Species Around

Dec 2011 – 10 year old Georgia Student Carter Ries was selected as Second Place Winner, recognized for a Plastic Awareness Week school curriculum developed together with his sister, Olivia.

Dec 2011 – Olivia’s and Carter’s hard work collecting donations for kids in South Africa along with theirEnvironmentaleffortsget recognizedby First Here, Then Everywhere

Dec 2011 – Here Carter and Olivia were interviewed by the folks at First Here, Then Everywhere

Sept 2011 – OMG interview with KooDooZ co-founder Danielle Beauregard about how they got started

Aug 2011 – Scientific American Magazine features article about OMG’s recent petition to help save rattlesnakes. – Endangered Species Status Sought for ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Rattlesnakes

Aug 2011 – “WetPaint” Magazine features OMG’s partnership with Ian Somerhalder from the hit TV Series Vampier Diaries for our first annual “Inspiring Youth For Change” Summit


May 2011 – Plastic Free Times Newspaper features OMG Founders for their hard work at trying to educate communities about the harms of single-use shopping bags: OMG’s Say No to Plastic Bags Coalition

May 2011 – Llaget’s Drawings commends OMG founders for creating awareness of the Plastic Pollution issue by introducing their OMG Bag Monster at all public events. Here they attended the Unidos Dual Language Charter School “End of Year Bash”.

May 2011 – 365-Give features Olivia and Carter for all their efforts to try and affect change and save endangered species… and our environment for One More Generation… and Beyond. Day 232: Do You Think Gen Y Can Save the Next Generation?

May 2011 – Oceana chooses Olivia and Carter as one of their 6 finalists in their “Ocean Heroes” Awards

May 2011 – 110-Magazine Features Olivia and Carter and all their hard work “Two Amazing Kids”

May 2011 – Living Green Magazine features OMG founders: Youth Leading Adults to a Greener World

Apr 2011 – OMG Recognized for their “Show Us Your Plastic Trash” challenge by Beth Terry from My Plastic Free Life

Apr 2011 – Fox 5 News interviews OMG founders aboutFayetteville Kids Help Endangered Animals

Mar 2011 – OMG is chosen as one of the 10 Most Inspiring Student Activists by Online

Mar 2011 – The Fayette County News features OMG on front page for their hugely successful “PlasticAwareness Week” program which was held at Fayette Montessori School

Mar 2011 – The Wildlife Professional mentions OMG and the Center for Biological Diversity for sending a letter to law-enforcement officials in Georgia’s Grady and Evans counties calling for strict enforcement of state wildlife laws at rattlesnake roundups.

Mar 2011 – ChangeAgents feature OMG founders Carter and Olivia

Mar 2011 – OMG founders interviewed on Recognition Radio by Kids Are Heroes founder.

Feb 2011 – Here is a great article from our friends at Mongabay: Kids founded organization to save endangered species

Feb 2011 – OMG! These Kids Want to Save Our Animals and the Environment… story by Family First Magazine

Feb 2011 – The Center for Biological Diversity, the Cougar Rewilding Foundation, The Florida Panther Society and the Georgia-based One More Generation group called on the federal government last week to reintroduce panthers to the Okefenokee Swamp. “Bring Florida Panthers back to Okefenokee

Feb 2011 – OMG supports petition to save Florida Pantherpopulations. “Conservationists petition for release of Florida panthers into Okefenokee swamp

Feb 2011 – OMG founders are interviewed by the folks at CoolPeople about their organization, their dreams and their goals.

Feb 2011 – Defenders & Warriors 2011 features OMG founders and some of their initiatives.

Jan 2011 – Natures Crusaders features efforts of OMG Founders: “OMG- 2 kids saving the world

Jan 2011 – OMG founders express theirconcernsabout the Rattlesnake Roundups and are interviewed by local reporter: Snake, rattle and roll

Jan 2011 – OMG founders are interviewed about their take on the Rattlesnake Roundup (which was held at Whigham GA) by WCTV television station,

Jan 2011 – OMG founders are recognized for all their hard work by the folks at “Bag Monster“. Are you a Bag Monster?

Jan 2011 – OMG makes the front page “Opponents cite environmental concerns” with their attempts to stop Rattlesnake Roundups in Whigham County GA

Jan 2011 – OMG mentioned on ENN (EnvironmentalNews Network) as part of their efforts to stop Rattlesnake Roundups in GA.

Jan 2011 – OMG Video featured on Mother Nature Network

Jan 2011 – OMG founderOliviafeatured in the My Hero Project under theAnimalHero section. She was nominated by her brother Carter. What a nice thing for him to do. They both are our Heroes 😉

Jan 2011 – OMG is featured by The Blogunteer Profiles of Volunteers and Non-Profits

Jan 2011 – OMG’s hard work is recognized by Hollywood star of the VampireDiariesIan Somerhalder and featured on their ISFoundation website

Jan 2011 – OMG is featured by KooDooZ for their efforts to make a difference in our environment and for helping to save animals.

Jan 2011 – OMG is profiled by Peachtree City TV for their volunteer work at local Retirement home where they and a few of their friends came in and sang songs to the 30+ residents and also baked homemade brownies, fudge and cookies for everyone for the holiday season.

Dec 2010 – CBS Better Mornings Atlanta feature segment on Carter and Olivia’s organization and work helping save Sea Turtles during Oil Spill.

Dec 2010 – OMG featured by “Change by Doing” One More Generation, Keeping the World’s Species Around

Dec 2010 – Cochran Mill Nature Center adds OMG to their website as a trusted partner.

Nov 2010 – OMG founders featured in on-line magazineTonic

Nov 2010 – OMG featured inNewsletter from Volunteer Match

Nov 2010 – OMG is featured on the Volunteer Match website in theirNonprofit Spotlight

Nov 2010 – OMG is featured on theCrafty Green Poet website inEdinburgh, Scotland

Nov 2010 –ZOOCURA posts about OMG Founders and the many initiatives they are involved with.

Oct 2010 – FUSEing Families Magazine features OMG efforts in their on-line publication on pages 20 thru 25

Oct 2010 –Volunteer Match organizationfeatures Carter and Olivia’s efforts tosupportAnti-Whaling event inAtlanta.

Oct 2010 – Local newspaper “The Neighbor Newspapers” features OMG founders and their latest initiatives.

Oct 2010 –Anti-Whaling Day organization welcome OMG founders to their family is support of their efforts to save the species and the oceans.

Oct 2010 – Socialize Your Cause features OMG on their “Cause Of The Week

Oct 2010 – Miley Cyrus starts new organization “Get Ur Good ON” and features OMG Video as inspiration.

Oct 2010 – The organization One Day On Earth features OMG founders in their “Profile Spotlight

Sep 2010 – OMG featured onGerman TV (ZDF) for their efforts with collecting supplies to help oiled animals in the Gulf.

Sep 2010 – OMG Wins Grand Prize in “Nestles Heroes” Contest

Sep 2010 – The organization CARE2 features Carter and Olivia in their “Trailblazers For Good

Aug 2010 – OMG Hosts “Gecko” event at Fernbank Museum

Aug 2010 – OMG hosts Art Fundraiser atArtWorks On The Square.

Aug 2010 – OMG drives to Gulf to deliverAnimal Rescue Supplies to aid oiledSea Turtles atMarine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Center.

Jul 2010 – OMGdebutstheir firstOMG Video

Jul 2010 – OMG hostsReptile Day at the Fernbank Museum

Jul 2010 – OMG hostsEducational Outreach Program tolocalschool.

Jul 2010 – OMG joinsZooAtlanta for Snake Day event

Jun 2010 – 11-Alive TV does story on OMG foundersAnimal Rescue Supply Collection program.

May 2010 – OMG Launches newWebsite

May 2010 –Newspaper Article Regarding ourFirstAnnual OMG Day at Fayette Montessori School

Apr 2010 – The Center for Biological Diversity honors OMG founders in their “Activist Spotlight