Amruta Kshemkalyani Sustainability Professional, Writer & Advocate Founder, Green Living in Dubai Amruta a mechanical engineer and LEED AP, has been working in the field of sustainable development in UAE and Middle East as sustainability consultant since 9 years. She believes firmly in ‘start acting, stop waiting’ so when she realized the urgent need of sustainability awareness in region, she started Middle East’s first ‘sustainable lifestyle’ blog in 2009, through which she is spreading environmental and sustainability awareness. She also shares her experience of living sustainable with her readers. In 2017, to take a step further, she has started ‘ZerowasteUAE’ initiative. She also works as sustainability content creator and environmental/sustainability marketer. She is UAE’s top sustainability influencer and works with ethical businesses, educational institutes and local conservation groups and organizations. Having started sustainability departments in large and small organizations and created sustainability policies; she prefers to add sustainability into CSR to make it more functional. Amruta will be helping to spread our OneLessStraw initiative in UAE.