My name is Ava McQueen and I am now 9 years old. I live in Melbourne Australia and I am in grade 4. I have always loved animals and I take very special care of my dog, cat, 2 rabbits, Canary and goldfish. When I was 8 years I traveled with my family to South Africa and I was most lucky to experience Kruger National Park. What a wonderful place, it felt like there were no barriers between animals and humans, like WE CAN live together. Every day we saw the most wonderful things from the smallest creatures to the enormous Bull Elephants. On my return I did a special project for school on Lion bone wine and medicine which is a similar issue to Rhino horn. I think it is just crazy that this happens. I feel horrified and those people have no right to do that.

In South Africa we stayed at Royal Kruger Lodge and I met Amber who is also working with the OMG team. Recently Amber’s dad kindly let us know what was happening since our trip to Kruger and we were shocked about the increasing rate of the poaching, it was really bad when we were there.  When I learned about OMG and I Skyped with Carter and Olivia I knew I wanted to make a difference. Carter and Olivia have made me feel so welcome and they are very supportive.