Beyond her long-time dedication of philanthropy and humanitarianism, Kerryn Vaughan has for many years used her passionate voice for inspiring people to advocate and take responsibility for their choices and how it will reflectively impact our planet. Kerryn is an educator and has spent many years working with disengaged youth – helping them to find their inner-spark and motivation for life and contribution, and is also an accomplished singer-songwriter with an array of worldwide visibility on many animal advocacy websites.

As an international author, Kerryn is the powerhouse behind the remarkable book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ which focuses on empowering young people to contribute to a kinder, more sustainable world. Through her book she has been able to create a multitude of networks amongst youth and others who care about making a difference. While writing ‘Magnificent Kids!’, Kerryn developed a strong relationship with the founders of One More Generation, Carter & Olivia, and is now an Advisory Board Member.

Kerryn is a highly skilled inspirational speaker and as a result of Kerryn’s recent presentations, hundreds of school children are now involved in efforts to save endangered species. Not surprising, Kerryn’s life mantra states, ‘If we can make a difference, why wouldn’t we?