Animal Rescue Supplies Delivered

Carter (and Mommy) loading supplies for our trip to New Orleans

We just returned from our long but gratifying trip to New Orleans were we delivered the supplies which were generously donated to help with the Animal Rescue efforts in the Gulf.

Audubon Nature Institute runs the New Orleans Zoo, Aquarium and Insectarium, along with the Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Center

After months of hard work and experiencing some very unusual (and unfortunate) circumstances dealing with the BP Command Center, we finally were able to see our efforts pay off.  The BP Command Center attempted to shut our efforts down but thanks to the persistence of our founders, and the kind assistance from the folks at the Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans, we finally delivered the supplies.

Meghan Calhoun showing OMG founders and German TV Host one of the sick Loggerhead Sea Turtles currently in their care

Meghan Calhoun from the Audubon Nature Institute was our main contact and and she was probably one of the most sincere and hard working individuals we had the pleasure of working with.  From the time we first made contact with the new Orleans Zoo, we were told by Dr. MacLean that our assistance was needed and that he had the perfect person to help us coordinate our delivery of the supplies.

Volunteers from across the country come and donate their time and expertise in an effort to save as many of the oiled marine mammals and sea turtles as possible.

Meghan the entire host of employees and volunteers working at the center, was extremely passionate about their job and they all were so appreciative of our efforts.  The Center runs a complete Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Center which currently has over 140 sea turtles in their care.  They also have a dolphin which is doing much better and should be released in several weeks.

Here a Kemps Ridley is having his blood drawn as part of their daily work-up to ensure the speedy recovery of every resident

The center has mainly Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles which are classified as Critically Endangered with an estimated 3,000 left in the wild.  Unfortunately, the Gulf is their primary home and breeding area.  They also had a few Green Sea Turtles, some Hawksbills Sea Turtles, and a few Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

Coco trying to make a full recovery

This is Coco, an 85-lb. Loggerhead Sea Turtle who was rescued with the help of Jeff Corwin during his recent visit.  When they found her, she was floating amongst the oils and only the top part of her shell was showing.  According to Jeff, it looked like a Coconut in the water.

Here the staff and volunteers help us unload the collected supplies

4-months of hard work and planning.  1,248 miles (round trip) of driving.  The generous donations from the good folks at Southside Church (PTC Campus), Fayette First United Methodist Church, Decatur United Methodist Church, Cochran Mill Nature Center, and from some caring families in our community, all culminate in a shipment of supplies which were badly needed.

OMG Founders Carter and Olivia relaxing after their tiring trip to New Orleans

All of us at OMG wish to thank everyone who was involved in this program.  We could not have done it without your support, and besides helping us provide some assistance to the whole Gulf Oil Spill issue, you have also provided our kids with a lifetime of memories which they will never forget.

Our sincerest THANKS ;-)

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