OMG Outreach Program

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in Articles, OMG Educational Programs, OMG News

Carter and Olivia recently held their Educational Outreach Program for the gifted students from the Xanadu Group at Parkside Elementary School.

Students learned all about endangered species and even had an opportunity to play the new OMG Flip Card Game which Carter and Olivia created specifically so they could make learning about endangered species fun and exciting.

The folks from Cochran Mill Nature Center were on hand as well and they brought various live animals for the kids to learn about and touch.

The American Alligator “Flounder” was a big hit as Bobby (from CMNC) discussed how the American Alligator was a success story since at one point, they too were considered endangered.

Dr. Michael Black (from the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience/Department of Psychology at Georgia State University and OMG Board member) was on hand to teach the kids the differences between Amphibians and Reptiles.  His presentation was excellent and really kept the kids engaged in the topic.

OMG is available to conduct their Educational Outreach Program to audiences of all sizes.  If you are interested in booking them for your school or event, please call them at 877-OMG-THANKS or 877-664-8426.

Here is a testimonial from the teacher of the Xanadu gifted kids program Ashley Kulik;

“One More Generation visited my second grade, Environmental Science, Summer class this year.  Prior to their visit we’d been discussing the various ways what we do impacts the Earth.  We’d also discussed things like recycling, preventing different kinds of pollution, and protecting endangered species.  However, it wasn’t until One More Generation, mainly Carter and Olivia, visited my class that the severity of everything really sunk in.  Seeing their passion on the subject was inspiring to my class and to me.  After they left, several of my students told me privately, “I’m going to go to their website and help make a difference”.  Not only were my students moved, but Carter and Olivia discussed how they each adopt an endangered animal each year, and this prompted me to have the idea to adopt an endangered animal with my class during the regular school year.  I can’t wait to do this next year and I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience for my upcoming class, their parents, and for myself.”

Here is a link to our Facebook page where you can view all the photos from the event: