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Is ocean garbage killing whales?

Ocean Garbage Kills Whale

Body of a dead humpback whale is seen in Omonville-la-Rogue, north-west France, a rare species to the Channel. A French fishermen brought the whale back in his nets, saying that it was already dead from ingesting plastic debris when it was caught in the nets. (AFP Photo)

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“Marine Life Facing Mass Extinction, report says” (IPSO) Report


Marine life is under severe threat from global warming, pollution and habitat loss, with a high risk of “major extinctions” according to a panel of experts.

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2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games

Main Image

Greener upon Thames is a London, UK based non profit organization campaigning for a ban on plastic bags at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Olympic Park and all Olympic venues. In the UK over 13 billion plastic bags are used each year, worldwide, that figure is closer to 500 billion and with evidence that plastic is now appearing in our food chain it’s a serious issue. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of animal deaths a year through plastic waste and the littering of our countries.

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Surfing For Change: Where is Away, Solving Plastic Pollution in 4 minutes

Solving Plastic Pollution

Since starting our “Say No To Plastic Bags” Coalition, we are constantly looking for more ways to help educate communities about the harm of plastic and in particular about America’s addiction to single use plastic bags.

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iMatter March – May 8, 2011


What is an iMatter March you ask? A global youth march to let the world know that climate change is a moral issue — not a political or financial one. By marching in the streets, the youth of this world will let the leaders know that we matter and we need our whole society to reduce emissions and live as if our future matters!

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Do You Really Need That Bottled Water… Seriously?

Bottled Water Slide

The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap.

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“Say No To Plastic Bags”… please

Gregory Brown - Plastic Rap - OMG

We learned that the number one pollutant item in our oceans was plastic, and that plastic accounts for the death of over 1-million birds and over 100,000 marine animals including Sea Turtles, Seals and fish.

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Plastic… it’s what’s for dinner


Did You Just Eat a Plastic Bag? How Plastic Pollution Has Entered Our Food Chain

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Plastic Garbage Patch

What does Plastic have to do with an organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species? Did you know that the number one item which is polluting our oceans in Plastic Bags? Did you know that America consumes over 1-Billion single use plastic bags each year?

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Positively Positive ;-)


A video is Will.i.Am and the Sesame Street Gang from the site Positively Positive. Please check them out. God knows, we could all use some positive news daily.

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Aquatic Army

Oceanic Defense

150+ rallied behind (Ric) Richard O’Barry and Pete Bethune (from Whale Wars) to stand up against the dolphin drive hunt in Taiji, Japan. They made a difference.

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One Day On Earth

OMG will be partnering with the One Day On Earth organization on 10/10/10 to help capture the historic event of the day.  OMG will be hosting a “Water Event” at the Fernbank Museum ( on Oct 10th, 2010 where we will be discussing the importance of water on all living things and also partnering with an organization [...]

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Worlds Weirdest Endangered Species

Check out these odd looking Endangered Species.  Not the pretties creatures on earth but they are all part of the big picture.  Please make sure you and your family are helping to make a difference so we can stop loosing so many species, no matter what they look like. If you want to help but [...]

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OMG Kids Featured on German TV

During our recent trip to the Gulf where we delivered the Animal Rescue Supplies, we were accompanied by the folks from the German Public Broadcast Station ZDF who does programiong for their kids station “Logo” which is equivalent to our Nickelodeon channel. Here is the program they ran in Germany when they returned.  It is amazing that the piece [...]

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Save the Sharks

Gordon Ramsey

100-MILLION sharks are slaughtered each year to support the growing demand for shark fins. Gordon Ramsay Shark Bait (The Big Fish Fight) Pt-1

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