What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?

Posted on Jul 17, 2011 in Sharks, Video

Here is a video which helps explain the importance of sharks and how they keep balance in our oceans:

Make sure you visit our “Petitions” tab and show your support for banning Shark Fining as well.

Yao Ming On Shark Fin:

Check out this video about Yao Ming talking about why it is important to stand up for sharks:

And here is something from our friends at Shark Defenders:

Shark Defenders is dedicated to creating shark sanctuaries and supporting the proper management of shark and ray species worldwide.

Walker Films and Ratu Manoa Rasagitale have teamed up with Coral Reef Alliance and Pew Environment Group to produce Shark Hope, a 30 minute documentary on the plight of sharks in Fiji and efforts to create a Fiji National Shark Sanctuary. Here is the teaser of the film:

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