Deepwater Horizon Consolidated Report

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 in Environmental Conservation, OMG News
Deepwater Horizon Consolidated Report

It’s been about 6-months since the horrible oil spill in the Gulf. Do you know the total number of Sea Birds and Sea Turtles that were collected “Dead” due to the massive oil leak?

Support H.R. 14 Federal Ocean Acidification Act

The ocean absorbs about a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions, which has caused the acidity of the water to rise by 30 percent over the last 250 years. Without intervention, the acidity of the ocean is expected to more than double by 2100.

One Day On Earth

OMG will be partnering with the One Day On Earth organization on 10/10/10 to help capture the historic event of the day.  OMG will be hosting a “Water Event” at the Fernbank Museum ( on Oct 10th, 2010 where we will be discussing the importance of water on all living things and also partnering with an organization […]

OMG Wins Grand Prize in Nestles Heroes Contest

OMG Founders Carter and Olivia recently won the Grand Prize in a Nestles Ice Cream Heroes contest.

Gulf Coast Seabird Rescue – Supply Request

Posted on Jun 22, 2010 in Environmental Conservation, OMG News, Sea Turtles

Dear Loyal Supporters, We are in need of some assistance.  We are attempting to collect crucial supplies to help with the Seabird/Animal rescue in the gulf.