OMG Bag Monster Sightings

If you recently saw the OMG Bag Monster at an event, scroll down towards the bottom of this article to find the event you attended so you can access all the pictures.

Ever since we made the trip to the Gulf last August on Olivia’s 8th birthday where we delivered the Animal Rescue Supplies we Collected, we have been searching for ways to help us get our message across to our local communities about Plastic Pollution, and in particular about the large number of ‘Single Use Plastic Bags’ we generate here in America every minute.  By educating ourselves about the issue and aligning ourselves with amazing organizations and individuals who really care about finding a solution to the problem, we are finally ready to reach out to our community and spread the word.  Below is a list of some of the more recent events we have hosted which are designed to educate and motivate our supporters about ways we all can make a difference.

We also partnered with the folks from ChicoBags in California in an effort to maximize awareness to the horrendous amount of Single Use Plastic Bags we use and discard every day in America.  ChicoBags makes great solutions to helping us reduce our dependency on ‘Single Use Shopping Bags’ and their founder created the ‘Bag Monster‘ which is an amazing vehicle to help us engage communities about the problem in a fun and yet educational manner.  When we first saw what the founder did to get attention to the matter, we knew immediately that we too had to get our hands on their Bag Monster costume, so in February of that year the kind folks at ChicoBag sent us the costume.

Then in late February (on Carter’s 10th. birthday) we launched our “Say No To Plastic Bags” Coalition and set out to educate as many communities as possible about the harm ‘Single Use Plastic Bags’ pose on our environment and on our animals.  Below are a few links to the various photo albums we have created on our FaceBook page where you can see what the OMG Bag Monster has been up to.  We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do and if you are interested in having the Bag Monster and our founders attend an event for you, please simply send us a request via email and we will be glad to work with you on the details.

Our goal is to help communities throughout the greater Atlanta area and even the state, find the best possible solution to the ever growing problem of ‘Single Use Shopping Bags’.  We have listed the events the Bag Monster has raided in our area by the most recent to the oldest.  If you had your picture taken with the bags monster, just scroll through the listing below and find the event.  Once you click on the event, you will be taken to the correct FaceBook photo album.

Chandler Park Family Eco Movie Night

Plastic Awareness Education at Cochran Mill Summer Camp

OMG Founders Speak at North Carolina Kiwanis Club

OMG Founders Present their Environmental Program to the Vining UMCRead Testimonial Here:

OMG Plastic Awareness Week at Riverside Retreat in LaBelle FLRead Testimonial Here:

Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeepers 15th Annual River Revival

Unidos Dual Language Charter School ‘End of Year Bash’  –  May 16, 2011

OMG Bag Monster Rolls Through Riverdale Earth Day Celebration

OMG Bag Monster Challenges Captain Planet at the GA Tech ‘Think Green Week 2011’

OMG Bag Monster Stumbles Through the Fayette County Public Library during the Plastic Awareness Presentation: Read Testimonial Here:

OMG Bag Monster Makes An Unexpected Appearance at the Whole Foods and’s Viewing of the “Bag-It” Movie at Atlantic Station (Sorry, the event was at night and no one had a flash… only one picture from this event ;-(

OMG Bag Monster Attempts To Crash the Atlanta Debut of the “Bag-It” Movie at GA Tech Institute

OMG Bag Monster Floats His Way Into the Sweetwater 420 Earthday Festival

OMG Bag Monster Makes a Surprise Visit to the Fayette County Earthday Festival

OMG Bag Monster Overcomes Fox 5 News Anchor Tacoma Perry

OMG Bag Monster Storms Through the GA Tech Institute Student Center Seeking Supporters

OMG Bag Monster Targets Kids at the Fayette Montessori School During Their “Plastic Awareness Week” Project

OMG Bag Monster Attempts to Disrupt the Church Service of the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church

OMG Bag Monster Raids the Atlanta Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation during their 2nd. Annual Fundraiser

We hope you too are motivated to wanting to affect change in your daily habits at home, and in your community.  If you not already done so, please visit our petition site and sign the petition we created to show everyone that you support our “Say No To Plastic Bags” Coalition and our efforts.

Thanks for your support and for caring 😉