OMG Co-Founder Takes Gap-Year

Posted on Aug 2, 2019 in OMG News, Youth Empowerment

Well, it’s official, Carter has just graduated from high school and is ready to take on the world. With almost 10 years of working in the animal and environmental conservation space, Carter is leaning towards working in the climate-change arena, which is a big field with lots of hurdles to overcome. To ensure he better understands where he fits in with all that has to be done, he has decided to take a ‘gap-year’ which will allow him to learn more about how climate change affects humans and animals around the world. In order to do this, he has coordinated an extremely in-depth gap-year that will allow him to better define his role in the future. Below is a brief outline of where he will be working and what he has in store for the next 12 months. Carter will still be fully involved with all OMG campaigns and initiatives (albeit not always in person) and is already working hard with Olivia creating the launch of their next big campaign which we will announce later in the year as part of their 10th Year Anniversary.


  • July 17-Aug 10 – work with Primatology Team in Paraguay
  • Aug 11-15 – work aboard the Ocean Voyage in Italy studying plastic pollution
  • Sep 1-14 – work with National Geographic in Equador
  • Sept 15-Oct 31 – work on Sea Turtle Project with CREMA Costa Rica
  • Nov 1-30 – work with Elephant Conservation Center in Laos
  • Dec 1-30 – work on Coral Restoration Project in Queensland Australia


  • Jan 5-Mar 1 – work on Climate Change Project in India
  • Mar 8-April 25 – work on Orangutan Project in Indonesia
  • April 26-May 9 – work on Solar Project in Sweden
  • May 17-June 1 – work on Solar Project in Russia
  • June 2-July 4 – work on Tapier Project in the Pantanal in Brazil