A journey into the world of Pangolins

Long Tong Tales – A journey into the world of Pangolins by our friends at Fossick Project. Please share:

Fossick Project aims to produce artistic performances about the relationship between men and nature to suggest a reflection on environmental issues and raise awareness about urgent causes.

Illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and singer-songwriter Marta del Grandi met in Belgium in 2013, while attending their Master studies at the School of Arts. Their collaboration started in 2016, is based on a mutual inspiration and a common talent for storytelling.

Cecilia applies an analogical approach to create a live animation, by using an overhead projector on which she places different materials like flour, leaves, everyday things, handmade props and uses many techniques such as cutout, drawing, etching.

Marta’s voice, unique for its versatility and endless shades, moves effortlessly on the compositions that she writes with samples, synthesizers and acoustic instruments on Ableton Live.

Please share this video along with our global Pangolin Awareness Art Campaign with schools around the world so more youth can learn about the need to save the species and that they have to be the voice of the voiceless.

Please also share this video.  Olivia and Carter teamed up with our friends at Univision and created this short animated video to help the world learn more about the species and the many threats they face.

Thanks in advance from all of us here at Team OMG 😉