World Wildlife Day Presentation

OMG partnered with CITES to participate in their World Wildlife Day event.  We hosted several school outreach programs which allowed students to learn about pangolins and express their thoughts via art.  CITES invited Carter to come and address the UN in New York during the event and to help the UN and all it’s members understand the power that today’s you have on helping to save endangered species.

Here is the video of the presentation Carter gave at the UN.  Carter’s segment can be viewed at the 24:09 mark:

We wish to thank our friends at The Hewitt School for their hard work in completing the banner.  We also owe a huge thank you to Louise Fletcher for providing us with the amazing painting which we use for the giant banner.  And finally, we wish to thank the entire team at CITES and the UN for allowing Carter the opportunity to participate in this high level discussion.