Jack Johnson Helps OMG Raise Awareness About Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is considered one of the largest environmental threats to communities and animals around the world.

Please help us in raising awareness of this problem as we launch our fundraising campaign to bring our week-long curriculum into additional public schools—teaching the next generation of leaders how we can each do our part to help solve the problem of Plastic Pollution.

Carter Teaches Plastic and Recycling Awareness

Carter Teaches Plastic and Recycling Awareness

We have partnered with the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, and they have agreed to match every dollar we raise (up to $2,500.00) to help us bring this amazing curriculum to more students. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get involved and maximize your donation.

OMG is teaming up with Jack Johnson on his 2013 From Here To Now To You Tour and All At Once, a social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community. All At Once comes to life online at www.AllAtOnce.org and at the Jack Johnson concerts where you can get educated, get inspired, and connect face-to-face with us and other local and national non-profits. All At Once promotes sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives like our Plastic and Recycling Awareness Curriculum.


1) Explore All At Once! Visit www.AllAtOnce.org to check out what you can do before, during, and after the show to get involved.

2) Participate in our Pre-Concert Event. We will be featuring our weeklong Plastic and Recycling Awareness Curriculum at the Northwood Elementary School in Roswell GA during the week of Sept 9th. 2013. If you are interested in supporting the schools efforts to bring more environmental education to their community, give us a call and we will help you get involved.

3) Visit us at the show! We will be at Jack Johnson’s concert in Atlanta on Oct 1st. 2013 at the fabulous Fox Theater. Please come visit us, take environmental action, and enter to win an ukulele signed by Jack Johnson!

4) Help us raise funds! Jack Johnson’s charity is matching donations contributed to us at the show or directly to our organization through November 1st (Up to a total of $2500). Make a contribution right now and your money will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation!

Collectively, individual actions create global change. Your actions, your voice, and your choices, all have a huge impact.

Our Plastic Awareness Program

Virtually every piece of plastic ever produced on this planet is still here (unless it was incinerated). Plastic trash that ends up in our landfills will sit there for over 500 years, and all plastic trash that ends up in our waterways and oceans end up killing an estimated 100,000 marine mammals and over 1 million seabirds each year.

Plastic Pollution Kills Seabirds

Plastic Pollution Kills

Because the goal of OMG is to ensure that all endangered species survive at least One More Generation . . . and beyond, we developed a Plastic Awareness program—a way to teach and empower kids with solutions that will allow them and their entire family to start making an immediate difference.  We developed a curriculum for schools designed to educate students about the impacts of plastic, plastic pollution, and recycling.

The founders of One More Generation are two enterprising elementary students: Carter, age 12.5, and his sister Olivia, age 11, who care deeply about our environment and about saving endangered species. Their goal with this program is to educate and excite students to get involved and be part of the solution to our ever-growing plastic pollution problem and the need to recycle.

Students Learn About Precycling

Students Learn About Precycling

21st Century Skills are strongly embedded in each session through problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and contextual learning. Media is discussed and analyzed and students communicate their thoughts with each other after each instructional session. Content is engaging for all learners through active learning strategies, and there are specific opportunities for students to take action based on their new knowledge.

Here are just a few of the program’s Learning Objectives:

• Students will gain a greater understanding of the need to carefully use all resources in ways that are not wasteful and damaging to the environment—both now and in the future.

• Students will gain a greater understanding of the threats facing a variety of organisms, including endangered species, and the need to reduce plastic pollution and aluminum waste.

• Students will understand that they can personally play an important role in reducing plastic pollution and increasing recycling rates for a healthier environment.

• Students will gain a greater understanding of the different types of plastics, and which can and cannot be recycled.

• Students will learn more about different states of matter and how plastic and aluminum can be changed into different states and reformed during the recycling process.

• Students will learn that aluminum beverage cans and certain plastics are excellent examples of closed-loop recycling and learn how recycling cans can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Students will understand that recycling involves a firsthand commitment to making the environment healthier.

We have also infused Art into the weeklong program as a way for students to express what they have learned and to allow them to send a message to their community about their concerns and their commitment to playing a role in the solution.

School Art Project for Plastic Awareness Week

School Art Project for Plastic Awareness Week

With your help, we want to ensure every student gets the opportunity to be exposed to this curriculum so they can start making a difference immediately.

Please make a donation today and join us in educating our children about the problems of plastic pollution. Help them play a role in the shaping the world that they will inherit.

You can view all the images from the Jack Johnson Concert by visiting our FaceBook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.666635806693599.1073741896.108864552470730&type=3

One More Generation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and our environment.

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