Elvis Has Left The School


The students from Kelly Mill Elementary School have worked very hard over the past few weeks creating one of the worlds largest paper mache rhinos. They named him Elvis and he is now ready to begin his journey around the world.

When student Hannah Testa learned about the plight of rhinos and that they are being poached to virtual extinction, she knew she had to get involved. Hannah quickly solicited the help of her parents and several of her teachers and began giving presentations at her school. Her classmates were also appalled at what they had learned and together they decided to try and create the worlds largest paper mache rhino.

Elvis is life-size and has turned out to be one of the best looking rhinos on the planet. The students used the opportunity to educate their entire school about the issue and now Elvis is ready to roam the earth continuing to educate communities everywhere.

Elvis is scheduled to arrive at OMG HQ tomorrow, where Olivia and Carter will start applying many of the amazing letters and pictures that we have received from kids all around the world. We then plan to reach out to local art museums and possibly zoos to see if Elvis can be placed on display to expand his reach. Eventually we hope to bring Elvis with us to South Africa later this year when we meet with President Jacob Zuma and present him to the South African people.

We hope you will stay tuned to Elvis’s journey and if you have any contacts at Zoos, Museums or Art Galleries, please let us know, we would love to give Elvis an opportunity to see the world and help everyone understand why we all need to get involved with saving rhinos for at least One More Generation… and beyond.

Please “Like” the FaceBook page the students created and help them reach 1,000 likes before Elvis leaves the country.  You can learn all about his entire journey at the following link: Elvis the Rhino’s Great Adventure

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