Trivia question for Nov-10-2011

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 in Trivia

Carter picked this wily critter for his trivia because of their ability to adapt so easily to changes in their environment.  They are opportunistic hunters that employ their acute hearing, smell and vision to find pray.

The social organisation of these animals are extremely flexible, being dependable on the availability and distribution of food. The basic social unit is a breeding pair, followed by its current offspring, or offspring of former litters. It usually lives in pairs, but is also found either singly, or in pairs and families up to five individuals. These guys may pair up with a member of the opposite sex before leaving its natal range. Pairs typically first meet each other on the boundaries of their parents’ territories. The pair patrols and marks its territory in tandem. Both partners and helpers will react aggressively with intruders, though the greatest aggression is reserved for intruders of the same sex; pair members do not assist each other in repelling intruders of the opposite sex.

So here are Carter’s questions: Tell us what this animal is and tell us how farmers benefit from them?  Also, tell us what these guys will do when they see a Cheetah on the hunt?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations goes out to Napat Malathum for being the first to guess the animal we featured correctly. This hansom looking critter is the Golden Jackal. The golden jackal, also known as the common jackal, Asiatic jackal, thos or gold-wolf is a Canid of the genus Canis indigenous to north and northeastern Africa, southeastern and central Europe (up to Austria and Hungary), Asia Minor, the Middle East and southeast Asia.

In some areas of the world these guys are considered a benefit to farmers because they help keep rodent and rabbit populations in check.  Golden Jackals may assist other predators, hoping to gain the remains of a kill.  They may run at antelope, distracting them while a cheetah goes for the kill.  Here is more on these smart canines: Golden Jackals

Thanks for playing along 😉