America Idol contestants speak-out against Plastic Pollution

As you know, Olivia and Carter have been working very hard to raise awareness to the issue of Plastic Pollution.  Since starting our campaign early in 2011, we have launched an entire coalition which now boasts 50+ local and national organizations who support our efforts.  We also created our Plastic Awareness Week curriculum program which teaches elementary students about the issue and teaches them the importance of recycling.

Our Plastic Awareness Week program is now available for schools nationwide and already has been executed in multiple schoolsboth in and outside of GA.  Carter and Olivia have even been asked to come to Denver in Feb-2012 to speak at the Green Your Schools Conference where they will have the opportunity to present their curriculum to hundreds of like-minded teachers from across the country.

We also recently completed a grant applications for NOAA’s “Marine Debris Removal” program which if funded would bring over $300,000.00 worth of free education and volunteer work to our community and provide our week-long Plastic Awareness curriculum to just under 10,000 elementary students.

As we continue to grow as an organization, we continually reach our and partner with various organizations who are also fighting for the same results.  One such organization is the Plastic Pollution Coalition which has a global reach and has garnered the support from numerous celebrities’.   Here is one of their latest outreach efforts they created along with the help of last years American Idol finalists.

Director/Producer Kate Miller and Mirror Films have created this exclusive video for Plastic Pollution Coalition. All of the Season 10 American Idol Top 11 have generously donated their time and efforts to the REFUSE campaign – a global strategic initiative aimed at inspiring people to end their dependence on disposable plastic.  Check it out and let us know what you think:

Also, if you have not already done so, please follow this link and sign our petition which shows your support to our initiative. I Support the “Say No To Plastic Bags” Coalition.  You can also find lots of cool videos and information about the issue by visiting our Plastics page on our site to see what our young founders have been doing to try an make a difference.

As always, thanks for caring from the entire OMG Team 😉