Trivia question for Oct-15-2011

Posted on Oct 15, 2011 in Trivia

Carter likes the way these guys look but does not want to get near one.  These guys have a spectacular array of quills which can inflict a painful and potentially lethal septic wound.

This rodent is nocturnal and inhabits rocky outcrops and hills. They shelter in caves or dens they dig themselves. Females are the biggest rodents in southern Africa, weighing more than 66 pounds and growing more than two feet long. They are covered in bristly quills varying in thickness. The longest spines grow as long as the animal’s body and quills only eight inches shorter. On its tail, the spines are hollow to make a rattling sound to scare away predators. When attacked, they freeze. If cornered, it turns vicious and charges to stab its attacker with its quills.

So here are Carter’s questions:  Tell us what this animal is and tell us why local farmers hate them so much?  Also, tell us which species these guys can actually outrun when being chased?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations to our friend Carmel for being the first with the correct answer.  The spiky animal we featured is the Cape Porcupine.  The Cape Porcupine or South African Porcupine, is a species of Old World porcupine. Contrary to its name, this porcupine species inhabits much of Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding the southwestern deserts of the continent.

They are hated by local farmers because of the damage they cause to sugarcane, cassava and corn crops.  They also ruine trees by stripping dry outer bark from trees to feed on the succulent inner tissues.  Although it normally walks at a slow amble, the Cape Porcupines can easily outrun a human being when necessary.  Here is more on the prickly rodents: Cape Porcupine

Thanks for playing along 😉