Trivia question for Sep-09-2011

Posted on Sep 9, 2011 in Trivia

Carter likes these little mammals and learned a few cool facts about them as well.  These are nocturnal predators that hunt a variety of prey both on ground and in the trees.

A secretive, nocturnal species which inhabits rocky terrain with caves, dense scrubland, pine forests, and marshland. This handsome, feline-looking animal, has a pale grey and black spotted coat, with a long striped tail. Like all animals within this species, it has a small head, large ears and eyes, and short legs with retractable claws. Males are larger than females, and juveniles are darker grey.

So here are Carter’s questions: Tell us what this animal is and for what reason these guys were kept in homes throughout Europe until they were replaced by the domestic cat?  Also, tell us what humans use the musk from these animals for and why?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations goes out to Renee’ from Cape Town South Africa for being the first with the correct answer.  The cute little mammal we featured is the Common Genet.  The Common Genet, also known as the Small-spotted Genet or European Genet, is a mammal from the order Carnivora, related to civets and linsangs. The most far-ranging of all the fourteen species of genet, it can be found throughout Africa, parts of the Middle East, and in Europe in Spain, Portugal, the Balearic Islands, and parts of France. There are also small populations that have escaped from captivity in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Early Europeans kept these guys in their homes because they are so good at catching rodents.  Eventually house cats took their place because they were easier to domesticate.  Musk from the common genet is used in industrial processes to make other fragrances used in perfumes last longer.  Here is more on these little scavengers: Common Genet

Thanks for playing along 😉