Trivia question for Jul-15-2011

Posted on Jul 15, 2011 in Trivia

Carter came up with today’s trivia in part because he is fascinated with all the horror stories that accompany this species.  Lets see if you know the answers to his trivia.  These are small, powerful predators with muscular jaws and razor sharp teeth that can cut flesh and bone.

There exists a legend that these fish will skin and eat a human being alive, which is said to have been started with American President Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to Brazil, and a spectacle set up by Brazilian fishermen.

To guarantee a good show for the adventure-loving Roosevelt, locals blocked off a portion of an Amazon tributary with nets and dumped hordes of these starving fish into it when Roosevelt explored the region on a hunting trip. Then they sliced up a cow and tossed it in the river, setting off a wild feeding frenzy that quickly reduced the carcass to bones—the “instant skeleton” now associated with these fish.

So here are Carter’s questions:  Tell us what type of fish this is and what the indigenous peoples of the Amazon use the teeth from these fish for?  Also tell us if the male or the females of these fish tend to be more responsible for their off-spring?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations to Zak Bonger for being the first with the correct answer. The

Pig asking Gater: Tell me, have you seen any Piranhas?

opportunistic fish we featured are the Piranhas. A piranha or piraña is a freshwater fish that inhabits South American rivers. In Venezuela, they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and a voracious appetite for meat.

The indigenous people of the Amazon use piranha teeth as cutting and slicing tools, and as Zak pointed out, they also use them for cutting hair.  The males of this species tends to be more attentive when it comes to taking care of their young.  Here is more on these fast acting fish: Piranhas

Thanks for playing along 😉