Trivia question for Jul-01-2011

Posted on Jul 1, 2011 in Trivia

Carter has a picture of these guys hanging in his room where the mother is kissing the baby giraffe on the head.  Last night he looked up at the picture and realized we have never done a trivia question on them so here goes.

Giraffe’s are the tallest of all living land animals.  They remain standing most of their life as laying down makes them vulnerable to attack.  Their hight allows them to see over great distances which helps them detect predators from far away.

Both sexes have prominent horns, formed from ossified cartilage, and known as ossicones. The appearance of horns is a reliable method of identifying the sex of giraffes, with the females displaying tufts of hair on the top of the horns, whereas males’ horns are larger and tend to be bald on top — the hairs worn away due to necking in combat. Males sometimes develop calcium deposits which form bumps on their skull as they age, which can give the appearance of up to three additional horns.

So here are Carter’s questions:  Tell us what is unique about the brain of the giraffe and tell us how many living races of giraffe there currently are.  Also, the name Giraffe has its roots in Arabic.  Tell us what is supposedly means?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations to Carrie from Boston for being the first with the correct answers.  We are glad that our trivia is helping you teach your daughters that research can be fun.  The brain of the Giraffe is the largest of all hoofed animals.

There are eight living races of Giraffe.  The only other member of of the Giraffidae family is the Okapi from the rainforests of Zaire.  The name Giraffe stems from Arabic and means ‘one that walks very fast’.  Here is more on these guys.  Giraffe

Thanks for playing along 😉