Trivia question for Apr-19-2011

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 in Trivia

Olivia is going with another primate again for today’s trivia.  Lets see how you do with this one:  These monkeys have an arboreal locomotion similar to squirrels.  They use their nails to cling to the side of a tree and, with lower incisors as big as their canines, gnaw off the bark stimulate the flow of edible gum.

They will inflict a wound on the tree and lick or swoop the gum with its teeth.  They cling to tree vertically, run across branches quadrupedally and leap between trees.  They employ a number of vocal and visual communications. To signal alarm, aggression, and submission; they will use the “partial open mouth stare,” “frown,” and “slit-stare”. To display fear or submission, they often flatten their ear-tufts close to their heads.

So here are Olivia’s questions:  How many young do these little guys usually rear per year, and also tell us what (about their hands) makes them different from most monkeys?

Good Luck 😉


Well both Arkte Spirit and Ty got part of the trivia correct.  The little fur balls we featured are the Common Marmoset.   These marmosets have a high breeding rate, commonly rearing up to four young per year and yes they are prone to having twins.

As for its hands, they have a long palms and fingers ending in sharp claws which allow for a good grip.  But unlike most monkeys, the common marmoset does not have opposable thumbs, so it is less adept at manipulating objects.  Here is more on these little mammals:  Common Marmoset

Thanks for playing along 😉