Trivia question for Mar-26-2011

Posted on Mar 26, 2011 in Trivia

We receive lots of email from OMG fans all over the world asking if they could submit questions for our OMG Trivia, so today we decided to give it a try.  Let’s see how this fan does.  The trivia for today comes from Andrew A. who lives in Fayetteville GA.

In Ireland the Golden Eagle was thought to be nearly extinct for a little while, but now it is doing better. In central Europe, the Golden Eagle has had a huge decline. It now lives its life mostly in the Alps. The Golden Eagle population in the United States hasn’t dropped too much, but enough to be noticed. The Golden Eagle is protected in the United States by the Bald and Golden Eagle protection act. The Golden Eagle is not usually hunted, but humans are scaring off their prey, therefore killing them by starvation.

So here are Andrew’s questions;

Which of the countries has the Golden Eagle as its National Bird

A. Afghanistan

B. Kazakhstan

C. Egypt

D. Iraq

True or False

The Golden eagle is sacred to USA native Americans

True or False

Golden Eagles start mating at the age of 3

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations to Helmut from Germany for sending us the nice email with the correct answers.  Of the countries listed, Kazakhstan was the one which features this bird as their national bird.  The Golden Eagle is also the national bird of five nations, Albania, Germany, and Austria in continuation of the Holy Roman Empire, Mexico, the most of any species.

The second part of the trivia is True.  The Golden Eagles is a sacred bird in some cultures and the feathers of the eagle are central to many religious and spiritual customs, especially among some Native Americans in the United States.  The final portion of the trivia was regarding the age these birds start mating and the answer provided was False.  These birds don’t start mating until 4-years of age.  Here is more information on these birds:  Golden Eagle

Thanks for playing along and a special thanks to Andrew A. for sending us the great trivia question 😉