Day 4 of our Plastic Awareness Week

I never knew playing with trash could be so much fun…  This morning I went in to collect all the trash delivered so far from all the students.  With Friday’s big events all planed, now it was time to sort through all the trash and start to segregate the items in groups so we can be ready to build the create out cool sculpture tomorrow.

As you can see by the signs on the trailer, we got hit with a big rainstorm during the night which made sifting through all the wet plastic that much more fun 😉

As expected, the number one item amongst all the trash was Single-Use Plastic Bags.  The entire wheelbarrow was filled to capacity.  The second largest group of trash is water/beverage bottles followed by food packaging i.e. fresh-fruit containers, pre-made salads and lunch trays etc.  Lastly, were all the detergent bottles and yogurt cups etc.

In preparation for tomorrows event, I went ahead and packaged the hard to work-with food containers in plastic bags and all the loose Single Use Plastic Bags to prevent too much debris from flying around.  I stacked all the beverage containers by size which we will use to fill the flippers and head of the Sea Turtle Sculpture.  All the remaining plastic trash and the prepackaged bags, will be used to fill the Sea Turtles shell area.

I used garden edging to create the outline of the Sea Turtle and duct tape to help create the desired shape.  Planters pots will be used for the eyes and a biodegradable garden mesh will be laid over the shell area after we fill it with all the bagged trash.

The whole purpose of hosting the Plastic Awareness Week at Carter and Olivia’s school is to create awareness among the students so that we can hopefully foster a sense of understanding to the issue of all the plastic trash we as a society generate.

Again we wish to thank all the families for participating in this event and for showing us such great support.  I look forward to a great finale and hope everyone feels the event has been helpful.

Best regards from the entire OMG Team 😉