Day 2 of Our Plastic Awareness Week

Another great day at the Fayette Montessori school.  The amount of plastic trash keeps growing and it looks like we are getting the attention of many of the families.

Today we were given the opportunity to speak to the Lower Elementary students and the Upper Elementary students and ask them what they had learned so far.  Carter and Olivia accompanied me and we were all very pleased with the students enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.

Carter with his Upper Elementary classmates showing off their decorated reusable shopping bags

When we asked what we could do different to make their learning more enjoyable, the only request we received was that the Plastic Awareness event needs to last an entire month, or even be something that is focused on all year long.  You gotta love our youth of today 😉

Tomorrow Carter and Olivia will be speaking with the two Primary student classrooms all by themselves.  The teachers wanted their students to see first hand what children can accomplish on their own, despite their young age.  Carter and Olivia have really become role models for their classmates and the best part is, that they don’t see themselves as being any different from any other student.

Olivia with her Lower Elementary classmates.

Their sincere passion and willingness to tackle any issue regardless of size, is impressive and seeing the same passion and drive from their classmates, makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for caring 😉