Trivia question for Feb-03-2011

Posted on Feb 3, 2011 in Trivia

Well tonight Carter came up with a good species to feature in our trivia, so here it is:

Because of their long reproductive cycle, long migrations, and sensitivity to environmental conditions, many of these species are under severe threat from overfishing, poaching, water pollution and damming of rivers.  According to the IUCN, over 85% of these species are classified as at risk of extinction, making them more critically endangered than any other group of species.

These fish are true living fossil’s which still resembles its prehistoric ancestors which swam the seas in the dinosaur age.  They are solitary giants which spends most of their life at sea.  Here’s an odd fact; an extract from these fish’s swim bladder (called isinglass) is actually used to clarify wines.

So here’s our questions:  Can you tell us what kind of fish this is and also tell us how big the largest of these species can get?

Good Luck 😉


Congratulations to Natalie for being the first with the correct answer.  The fish we featured is the European Sturgeon.  They are among the largest fish: some Beluga in the Caspian Sea reportedly attain lengths of 18 ft. and weighing in at 4,400 lbs.  At sea, it may travel up to 600-miles away from the river where it was spawned.

There are over 20 species commonly referred to as sturgeon and several closely related species that have distinct common names, notably sterlet, kaluga and beluga. Collectively, the family is also known as the True Sturgeons.  Its roe (eggs) is one of the sources of Caviar and overfishing for this delicacy is causing its sharp decline.

Here is more on these ancient fish: European Sturgeon

Thanks for playing along 😉