Trivia question for Jan-22-2011

Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in Trivia

Well the kids decided to take their grandfather to the Aquarium today and use the tickets Olivia got for her birthday last Aug.  They had a blast and learned a lot of great things which inspired todays trivia.  So here goes:

This boldly striped fish bears some resemblance to the venomous Banded Sea Snake, but is mild-mannered and harmless. It is a very finicky eater and difficult to keep in captivity. Unlike many of it’s kind, it often comes out of hiding to forage for food during daylight hours.

Can you tell us what this is?

Thanks for playing along ;-)


Congratulations to Natalie who was the first to get the answer correct. The fish we featured is the Harlequin Snake Eel. These guys are also known as Banded Snake Eel, Broad-nose Worm Eel, and Ringed Snake Eel.

The Harlequin Snake Eel can be recognized by its long slender body and coloration. It is white with 25 to 32 black bands that encircle the body. As a fish ages, black spots may develop between the rings.

Here is a little more information on these eels: Harlequin Snake Eel

Thanks for playing along ;-)