Trivia question for Jan-14-2011

Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in Trivia

Olivia picked out this friendly looking guy to be today’s trivia, so here goes.  They are the world’s largest species of monkey and they were once classified as Baboons.  Can you tell us what kind of monkey this is and tell us what their 3 main natural predators?

Good Luck ;-)


Great job everyone. Ty and Natalie you guys got it right first.  Jenny, as usual you are absolutely correct.  The picture shows a male Mandrill (who could use a toothbrush according to Olivia).  And Ty, you are spot on with listing the three main predators.  Large birds of prey are also known to occasionally pick off a young mandrill but not when they are fully grown.

A large group of mandrills can cause significant damage to crops in a very short time, and where common they are widely perceived as pests.  Here is more info on these guys: Mandrill

Thanks for playing along 😉