Trivia question for Jan-12-2011

Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in Trivia

Today’s question is compliments of Olivia, so here goes:

Can you name this odd looking sea creature and answer the question below?

The odd looking appendage on this animals is a:

A.) Tooth

B.) Horn

C.) Sword

And for a bonus, tell us what the appendage is primarily used for.

That’s it for today.

Good Luck ;-)


Congratulations to Dianne and Gina for both getting the correct answers in to us first.  This is a Narwhal and the strange looking appendage is actually a Tooth (also know as a Tusk).  The males are the ones who usually sport these long teeth and typically they only have one (although 1 in 500 have two of these tusks).  The tooth usually grows out on the left side of their mouth and it is expected that the tusks are used as a secondary sexual characteristic, similar to the mane of a lion or the tail feathers of a peacock.

Here is more information about these guys: Narwhal

Thanks for playing along 😉