Trivia question for Jan-11-2011

Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in Trivia

Todays good-looking creature comes to you compliments of Carter.  Can you tell us what this is and also what it’s strategy is when being attached?  Lastly, let us know if they are endangered or if they are plentiful.

Good Luck ;-)


Congratulations again to Ty for getting the type of lizard correct.  We were featuring the Thorny Devil and it’s main defense tactic is to display it’s false head.  That’s right, it actually has a large lump on its neck area which looks similar to the size and shape of it’s head.  When being attached, it lowers it’s head between it’s front legs and only the false head is visible.  Pretty cool huh?

Here is more information;

Thorny Devil

Thanks for playing along 😉