Here is a fantastic video from the students at Ironton-LaValle Elementary School:

Check out their FaceBook page as well:

Here is a video created by the high school that Olivia and Carter attend for the launch of the campaign.  This video was shown to all 3,000 students who were also asked to get their parents to consider participating:

OneLessStraw Campaign Launch at Fayette High School from 1moregeneration on Vimeo.

Check out this video about glass drinking straws which was created a few years ago as Olivia and carter first learned about Glass Dharma reusable straws:

We wish to thank Tom Mills and the entire GreenShortz team for producing the video and all their continued support.

Here is a quick video about the magnitude of our daily usage of plastic straws in America from our friends at GeenShortz.  Enjoy 😉

Each week, Carter and Olivia will be posting a new video about plastic straws, their impact on our environment and with ideas on how we all can make a difference. Please share these videos with everyone and make sure to “Like” the OneLessStraw Facebook page and ask others to do the same.


Here is a short intro video from Olivia and Carter about the OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign:

OneLessStraw Video #1:

OneLessStraw 090816 from 1moregeneration on Vimeo.


OneLessStraw Video #2:

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OneLessStraw Video #3:

Pleaser share this video with the following link:

Here is a great video from our friends at ‘Edeos- digital education’ which helps us understand the many threats facing our oceans and why it is so important that we all do our part to save them: